EIZO EV2455-BK unboxing

Speaking of being nice to your eyeballs, and since “unboxing” is apparently a thing (and who doesn’t want to do things that are things ?!), let’s give this a shot.

So here’s the Made in Japan EIZO EV2455-BKi 24″ IPS 1920×1200 (16:10)ii with ultra-thin 1.00 mm side bezels ; in pictures, obviously :

EIZO EV2455 - 1 EIZO EV2455 - 2
Why four $800 monitors ? Mostly because I’m not a poorfag.iii This, however, comes with its own set of problems, namely that over time I’m not only increasingly discerning and stubborn, but even more toxically, I don’t get any kind of rush from more minor purchases, which is probably also why ima prolly order one or two more EIZOs before all’s said and done. And fuck you. That’s why. Now where were we…

EIZO EV2455 - 3EIZO EV2455 - 4
Now we dig out the bonbon from its wrapper…

EIZO EV2455 - 5 EIZO EV2455 - 6
Et voila ! Now we pop ‘er into the little round stand with an ever-so-satisfying *click* and prop ‘er up…

EIZO EV2455 - 7 EIZO EV2455 - 8
As you can see from the back, the monitor hinges fore and aft from a pivot point about 5″ from the base of the stand. It can pivot 5 degrees towards the user and 35 degrees away from the user. The screen can also twist 344 degrees on its stand and slide 140 mm up and down, the former of which is more than adequate but the latter of which, as you’ll soon see, is not.

EIZO EV2455 - 9
When facing the back of the screen, the right-bottom ports are, from left-to-right : D-Sub, DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI.

EIZO EV2455 - 10

When facing the back of the screen, the right-side ports are, from top-to-bottom : USB 3.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.0 “Upstream,” Headphones, and Audio Input.

EIZO EV2455 - 11

When facing the back of the screen, the only left-bottom “port,” if you can even call it that, is the 120V plug-in. As you can see, this is also where the I/O switch is located. There are no ports on the left-side.

Now we plug (three of) them in, prop them up on some curtain wall framing samples, make a few simple setting adjustmentsiv (such as killing all the eco-bullshit), and away we go !

EIZO EV2455 - 12
That’s it really. Not much more to it than that. At the end of the day, they’re just screens, but whether you found this “unboxing” to be terribly tedious or engrossingly enriching, I must admit that I felt like a kid on Christmas morning the whole time. It was sheer giddiness that mounted and mounted within me, crescendoing from the moment that Wes as Vistek called to say that the monitors were ready for pick-up,v through to the time I plunked them all in my trunk, drove to the office, carried them inside, carefully unwrapped them as if they were mega-sized netsuke, snapped a few pics, set about arranging them at my desk, fine-tuned the various orientations and settings, and finally, at last, breathed in the quality.

Half an hour of screen time later, right when the old turdsvi would start to strain my eyes, I subconsciously began to wince in anticipation of the headache to come – but for not. This time there was no pain. None whatsoever. It was like magic.

[H/T to Stan for pumping EIZO’s tires so, well, tirelessly.]

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  1. The “BK” is for the black colour of the plastic trim. There is apparently a white one and a grey one also available, but not for this market.
  2. 16:10 makes the transition from the Apple Cinema Displays a breeze. Also, when you’re really just reading line after line of text all day, it’s nice to have more lines on the same screen.
  3. As poorfags have no place in Bitcoin and vice versa, as every failed attempt to drum up the support of “the community” has failed in a way and to a degree that no one born in the USSA could’ve ever conceived aforehand.
  4. Right off the bat, “Paper Mode” at a brightness setting of 40 seemed to be a sweet spot. My eyes bleed no more !
  5. They were ordered a little over two weeks ago, but they sat in the warehouse in Edmonton for the last two days while “Head Office” approved the purchase order. Alas.
  6. I have slightly less shitty Apple 30″ and 24″ Apple Cinema Displays at home, but at the office I had these inglorious basterds of ocular kimchi made by Samsung. Three of the EIZOs are now at the office and one will replace the smaller ACD at home. Now we’ll see how long the big ACD lasts.

4 thoughts on “EIZO EV2455-BK unboxing

  1. Z.A. Corbett says:

    Those are nice. I’ve been playing around with new monitors, mostly lenovos for some reason… Might have to pick up a few of these.

    • Pete D. says:

      Apparently the ColorEdge series are the “real” EIZOs, but I’m more than satisfied with these after 10 days with them. That being said, I just picked up new eyeglasses yesterday, so my experimental variables are no longer being controlled for !

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