Good Afternoon ISIS

This is a continuation, in both theme and style, of Good Morning ISISi

As with last time, this is one of those joyful opportunities to make a patch blanket out of otherwise dispersed, and even disjointed, conversation buried in the annals of the logs, adding only a few clarifying footnotes for those who haven’t pledged their soul to the yeshiva. Without further ado :

mircea_popescu: Islamic society consists by 45-60% by mass of young (ie, just like in the West, under 35) men with no property and no prospects (just like in the West). Except there they’re not being pacified with idle “prospects”ii and “software engineer” pretenses, they’re just told outright : your sisters belong to the wealthy and get fucked. So they’re getting fucked. Towards where there’s free cunt.
ascii_field: iii Waitasec how does this work ?

mircea_popescu: Justlikethat.
ascii_field: They fed the gurlz to dogs or what. Where are they ?

mircea_popescu: I didn’t know anyone THERE who didn’t keep MORE WOMEN THAN ME. I don’t know anyone here who keeps as many. Do the math.iv
ascii_field: Ah, 60% by mass, vs. by volume, lol.v

mircea_popescu: Lol. (Ironically, this is also evident in the off-kilter births balance. They’re breeding males at postwar replacement rates, for this reason.) Been going on for so long.
ascii_field: Are you familiar with V. Rezun’s (aka V. Suvorov, pseudonym) argument circa 1980 re: why USSR ‘must perpetually expand communism’ ? He had this thesis, that it ‘has to kill any alternative before it becomes a palatable thing.’

mircea_popescu: This argument is ancient.
ascii_field: I find it entirely plausible that USG would try to open the scuttling valve on what remains of Industrial Europe. In a very similar algo as the above.

mircea_popescu: “The only way we’ll go past spreading-works is once all alternatives are exhausted.”
ascii_field: Aha.

mircea_popescu: But anyway – the migration towards Europe is a mix. Females go out of Africa, usually with a herd of children in tow. ie, from Africa the cows move out. In middle east etc, the cows are owned and stay, the grunts move out. They meet in Istanbul these days, and invent faux “family units”. Anyway, the biases included are indicative of the source.
ascii_field: So what, god opened the borders and set up the specially-designated 24/7 trains full of berserking orcs ? Just happened, all by itself ?

mircea_popescu: Yes. The herd moves, alf. Always
ascii_field: Why moves today and not last year ? And not next year ?

mircea_popescu: Such are the questions that lead to insanity.
ascii_field: And why not met with flamethrowers ?

mircea_popescu: Who sent God’s whip ? God ? Why now and not earlier a minute, or later ? Because the flesh is weak. Why do you think rapists usually get the cock wet ? “Oh, I have mace.” Yeah, you do. So ?

jurov: How do you flamethrower million people ?
mircea_popescu: With one million gallons of fuel. What ?

ascii_field: You flamethrower 1,000 and the rest – if they have any sense – get the message.
jurov: You know, more than 1000 already drowned. Not getting message somehow.

ascii_field: Drowned != publicly impaled on camera.vii Do you seriously think that they were let in because there was not enough ammo to shoot every last orc ?
jurov: No not because of that reason.

ascii_field: Or that if a million Russians wanted to move in and rape, pillage, there would be the same welcome ?
jurov: If Russia was in ruins, yes.

mircea_popescu: Yep. Not “if”. Was there, saw that. Heck, the only reason Putin can’t get rid of the underworld like Stalin did is PRECISELY that back in Stalin’s day they’d have been shot, but these days… welcomed.
asciilifeform: So NATO is a scam ? Somebody tell jurov.

mircea_popescu: Dude seriously. How could it NOT be a scam ? You know Romania had better guarantees, in writing, than NATO is ? TWICE. Somehow it was “defeated” both times, notwithstanding that fuck you, bunch of idiots, you don’t show up as per deal and then bitch about it five years later ? Poland got nearly wiped, on the strength of the same scam, also twice.

jurov: Merkel & co. just thought business as usual, if they can have a million already there, they can accept 10 times more. No other reason.
ascii_field: The orcs are welcome because they spread chaos and destroy the competition of USG.

mircea_popescu: The orcs are accepted because if you don’t fuck your wife, someone will. End of fucking story, no USG enters into any of it. Binary choice, pick one : ( ) man ; ( ) boy.viii
asciilifeform: And if you don’t burn down the church, someone else will ?

mircea_popescu: Pretty much. Either you burn theirs or they burn yours.
asciilifeform: Now this, yes.

mircea_popescu: For as long as Italians aren’t dropping nerve gas on Eritrea, Eritreans will be going to Rome.ix
asciilifeform: ‘Paris eats couscous.’x Put in this notation, it is smashingly obvious.

mircea_popescu: Mkthen. And bitching notwithstanding, I will point out that this “send the women naked butt first” approach is so far working a lot better than the “we will resist behind the walls of Vienna” 1100s stuff.xi
asciilifeform: IIRC they dropped mustard gas. But yes.

mircea_popescu: Arguably a larger migratory wave than that one. (Recall my discussion of China and how it keeps creating these waves that smash Europe ?)
asciilifeform: Aha.

mircea_popescu: That’s the deep driver here. the US isn’t even on the map. China is strongly centralizing again, the nomads are going West. Pushing Western tribes further West. At least this time they don’t have a leader. yet they are very well connected. Which is why the politruks are so afraid to move. God fucking help the lot if they do actually get a leader. 100 man “special forces” teams are impressive on TV, owing to the poor quality of the camera as a perception mechanism. But otherwise, the US got wiped, by a smaller force.
asciilifeform: Last I heard, it wasn’t the Chinese who flattened Syria. (Though it may well have been China who airdropped brand new ipnohes)

mircea_popescu: O, right, right… it was… wait for it… REBELS. Herpy derp. the US couldn’t recruit 5 of those. How come the fucking rebels were in Syria rather than in fucking Japan ? Dude. The Pakis pushed West. Who the fuck do you think flattened syria if not a bunch of hardcore dudes that have been training against the “coallition” scarecrows for a decade ? They don’t wanna live in Rome, they wanna live in Lebanon. They don’t like your women, they like those. Because much less shit to explain, they mostly get it. “ISIS” is a conveyor belt. It reduces tectonics by moving people West.
asciilifeform: But in Rome/Berlin/Stockholm there is payola.

mircea_popescu: Fuck the payola. You think pashtun wants it ?!
asciilifeform: Sure he does. (Or what is he doing in Rotherham ?)

mircea_popescu: Like hell. This is your “USG matters” delusion speaking. Try it, offer me some. They’re different people. The people colonising England and the people beheading US “soldiers” are maybe born from the same mother, but they are different people.
jurov: [ISIS] shoulda invade a China, too. Or that’s not a competition?

ascii_field: China is not competition. Think about it.
jurov: Says who?

ascii_field: Competition is places where ‘brain drain’ MOVES TO. SU did not heavily police its border with China, for this reason.xii
jurov: Yes, some do move there now.

ascii_field: Very few. Because it’s a shithole.xiii It’s a run-from country, not a run-to.
jurov: Because Orlov says so ?

ascii_field: AFAIK he has not commented re: China. But there is no shortage of public evidence of it being a shithole. In the spirit of
assbot: Logged on 06-07-2015 20:54:46; mircea_popescu: which is why no cows, no trees, everyone on tatamis.

ascii_field: And no white man ever really, legitimately, enters the Chinese WoT.
jurov: Anyway, how do you imagine anyone in the EU would initiate impalements ? There isn’t even capital punishment.

ascii_field: No worries, the Caliphate will rediscover the art of picturesque capital punishment in EU.xiv
mircea_popescu: Hopefully, I’d even consider moving.

jurov: Nono. I did not ask about hypothetical future caliphate.
ascii_field: Aha. But that’s who will answer…

jurov: You proposed that as realistic preventive solution, so I’m curious how do you imagine that ?
ascii_field: Can picture it 10 different ways. Say, ever ‘refugee’ gets two weeks to make himself scarce and after that, gasenwagen.

jurov: Again, who will do it ? Who will make them vanish ?
ascii_field: Army coup ?

jurov: Pffffhhhaha.
ascii_field: But yes, there is no coup. Because, as we learn, the Germans do not really want to live.xv

jurov: I suspect it will end up like WWII, it will be *very* different Germany as before, but everyone will still envy it.
mircea_popescu: This is likely. The magical thing about societal collapse is that meh, whatever. Women are still usable anyway.xvi

asciilifeform: Worked great in Ptolemaic Egypt ? (I dare say not). And WWII did not involve a population replacement in Deutschland.
mircea_popescu: Don’t be silly! You’re basically arguing Ohio state is contiguous with Indian Ohio. The Greeks weren’t enough. That’s the thing with them, from Anabasis onwards : never fucking enough.

asciilifeform: Didn’t mircea_popescu confess that he’d much rather have the tall lanky pharaonic folks than the present crop of orcsen.
mircea_popescu: What I’d rather doesn’t enter into it. I would rather the “civilised” world burn than continue. Yes, I’d much rather that this burning happens in the consciousness of the derps involved, but fancy the odds of that.

ascii_field: Last I saw, [Germany] was still full of Germans ?
jurov: These “Germans” lived hundreds of years outside Germany. It’s documented many times in European history, that genes move in completely unrelated directions to culture and language. So if caliphate does not happen, then this.

mircea_popescu: And re: this entire “Europe suicide” bs… the EU population is half a billion. There are NOT THAT MANY PEOPLE IN ALL THE MIDDLE EAST! So a few million made it across ? Big whoop. So the already marginal worthless white trash is going to have a worse time of it ? GOOD. Fuck them, they took arms against their King in the name of convenience,xvii comfort and MUUU then they earnestly expect it’ll work out for them ? Ha. A little bit of comfort for a short interval and then oblivion. This is how nature works. Something tells me they will.
asciilifeform: You don’t need that many orcs to turn a Germany into an England. See ‘wasp’ – how many maniacs does a city need running loose to stop all meaningful commerce… ? Even one can suffice. The particulars of the death of Europe aside, the ‘not so many people’ thing boggles my mind. It is not unlike saying ‘bullet is so small, how can an elephant die of it?!!’ From one bullet, elephant visibly thrashed. Now let’s have ten.

mircea_popescu: The bullet thing is nonsense. Immigration only hurts low status males.xviii It helps low status females, and high status everybody. Fuck the low status males, who the fuck said they get anything ? If they didn’t suck there wouldn’t be immigration, they’d be out there enslaving Africa. They wanna be Orwell, that’s fine BUT it comes with a dulap and anal lube.
asciilifeform: AFAIK none of the migrant folks intend to work.

mircea_popescu: And what, the “Born in Germany” derps do ? Work at WoW, maybe. Again : if they had intended to work they would be out there shooting elephants.

___ ___ ___

  1. mircea_popescu: The cultural production of b-a/b,tmsr~/the cult/however you wish to call it is both scary and exploding on an exponential. I dunno how we’ll cope.

    I’m not sure either how the cult will cope either, but coalescing and preserving particularly fascinating conversations really can’t be done too frequently. Were I shiva, I’d do this more often!

  2. You’ve heard of the “follow your heart” myth, haven’t you ? Well, it’s precisely this “purposeful” ideology that’s used to pacify and ensnare young men in the Western World – young men like yourself, in fact – and deluding them into frittering away their most productive (ie. virile) years in one manner or another. It may be in earning your PhD and subsequently working in a lab, it may be “helping people” as a lawyer or doctor, or it may be working as a “social media expert.” Regardless, the effect is the same : you’re rendered just soft enough, just docile enough, just moo-eyed and comfortable enough for long enough that by the time you realise which way is up, you’re either too old or too entrenched in “the system” to do anything about it ; and thus was born the middle class. Pretty neat trick, innit?
  3. The reader will note that Stan goes by both ascii_field and asciilifeform. Just to confuse you!
  4. This “THERE” harkens back to when MP lived in Cairo for a stint.
  5. No empire in history can hold a candle to the mayogendered monstrosities that pass for the US electorate.
  6. Counterclockwise the herd travels from Africa to the Middle East to Europe, just as well as from Mongolia to Xinjiang to Tibet to Hong Kong to Shanghai to Beijing. Same diff.
  7. Y’know, like ISIS does its beheading on camera for all the world to see. And to such exquisite and undeniable effect!
  8. And where do the men go ? Bitcoin. Duh.
  9. Speaking of Rome, before you board that plane to Italy
  10. This is an observation that Nassim Taleb made regarding the unintended consequences of colonisation, viz. that the coloniser doesn’t just impose their culture on the colonisee, but also cherry-picks the parts of the previously uncolonised culture that are worth saving and repatriates them, eschewing the rest of the colonisee’s braindamage. Framed as such, colonisation isn’t any different than what elementary school teachers do, is it ? (Which is to say, a lot of thankless work!) Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  11. As Henry II, Duke of Austria only appointed Vienna as the capital city in 1155, we can only assume that the reference here is actually to either the 1400s siege by the Hungarians, or more likely, the 1500s battle against Süleyman I.
  12. Ever consider that those ginormous and heavily guarded fences between Mexico and the US might be TO KEEP AMERICANS INSIDE ?? Well, now you have.
  13. China’s more of a blackbox than a shithole, and this is coming from someone’s who’s actually been there. Hint : me.
  14. À la Goya.
  15. Or maybe that’s just what the German’s want you to think, following that old Sun Tzu mantra :

    If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

  16. Men will always die for what they believe in, which is why they make such excellent cannon fodder, whereas women are perfectly happy to choose their own lives and the lives of their children over death and will therefore just as readily bend to the will of one man as another.

    So if her first husband is vanquished on the bloody fields of battle and the victors come aknocking looking for the spoils of war and a warm hole to shove their cocks into, what woman could deny ? There’s a reason no woman ever uttered “Give me liberty or give me death.” She’d rather take a stranger inside of her and pretend to love it than fall on the sword. Who’s the braver gender now, boys ? I dare say the fairer one.

  17. This taking of arms being, of course, the French Revolution, the legacy of which we still enjoy in the form of consumerism.
  18. That immigration only hurts low status males is precisely what makes it the powerful meta solution pill that it is :

    This would seem to point to a solution whereby true workerbees, not just warm-blooded flotsam!, are shipped into the western world by the boatload, where they can then outcompete those metatards so divorced from reality, while hopefully navigating the swampy waters and side-stepping the trappings around every corner. Like alf has. Like so many others but clearly not enough have.

    This solution, however, is entirely dependent on the west maintaining its appearance as an attractive place to relocate to. To my eye, this veneer is fading, but then again, I’m really not in the position to say how the whole socialist shebang looks to someone coming from China, Morocco, Poland or wherever.

    Here’s hoping it looks sweeter than honey.

    It certainly looks as though Canada’s new Liberal government will open up the nation’s borders once again after the previous Conservative government’s disastrous policy of all but eliminating temporary worker visas put several professional and service sector industries in a crippling bind. There’s nothing like a little multicultural tension to keep the good times rollin’ !!!

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