Pete moves up, Ver moves on.

I seriously dun give a fuck who “Virtual Mining Bitcoin News” is or thinks it is,i  and I think it’s entirely laughable (if not bordering on offensively ignorant) that some crypto-tarded ostriches have their heads so deep in each other’s assholes that they imagine they can make a non-WoT Bitcoin news site that could compete with Qntra, like seriously now, but let’s not allow these superficial distractions to detract from the matter at hand, namely that yours truly, despite lacking a deistically connotational prefix in his titleii, is now being mentioned in the same breath as the broke-ass homeboy formerly known as a Bitcoin “community leader” and somehow still known as “Bitcoin Jesus.”iii

Check it out. Here are a couple of excerpts from the offending VMBN piece in question :

This week, bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver weighed in on the block size debate stating that the block size limit should be increased if it is technologically achievable.

Poor Roger, he’s so destitute for having wrongly imagined that he could eat, pray, and sleep outside of #bitcoin-assets that he’s had to mortgage the capital “B” in his moniker just to pay for a mention on a 4th-rate news site. How the mighty have fallen. And how time flies ! Was it really only 2.5 years ago that I watched him sit alone at Bitcoin 2013 in San Jose with a quarantined ring of empty seats around him, lest anyone catch whatever he was transmitting ?iv

Still, many Bitcoin enthusiasts including Pete D states that expanding the block size will expand the overall size of the blockchain, and will thus require more computing power and bandwidth to secure the blockchain.

“The larger the Blockchain, the more hashpower is required to maintain the same level of security,” D argues in a blog post. “Larger things are inherently more fragile and are therefore exponentially more resource intensive to protect from the forces of nature.”

An accurate enough portrayal.

While increasing the block size may put the Bitcoin blockchain at greater risk, it will be interesting to see how other Core Developers and Bitcoin enthusiasts respond now that the block size increase has received additional support from “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver.

Do you agree with Roger Ver? Please share and comment below. 

Well, you can “comment below” if and only if you have a Facebook account. But if you actually have a Facebook account, you’re probably too busy stuffing your ears with gauze to prevent your brains from leaking out to comment on random anonymowannabebitcoinnewssites. Not that it really matters much either way. Bitcoin policy is set in #b-a, after all – not on some herpy-derpy “news” blog, not by the “Core Developers,” and most certainly not by “enthusiasts,” for which I take to mean redditards.

Anyways, I guess after this, the next step is for anoniauthors on their anonisites to ask their non-existent readers and their even less-existent commentersv whether they agree with Pete D.

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  1. Their website lacks an “About Us” page, and despite having archives that stretch back to August 2013, there are nothing detailing their providence, not even author names on articles, to the point where I actually can’t even tell if they’re straight-up ripping off other sites and re-posting or if they have some Indian kids in a basement in suburban Mumbai pumping out the most coherent copy their nation has ever produced in the English language ? Then again, it’s not impossible to imagine that the level of USian-produced copy has degraded to the point where I can’t tell the two apart. Neither can be ruled out at this point.
  2. Unless you count ‘Lord,’ which, since I don’t get called that very much – not even in my own head, not even in those exceedingly rare circumstances where I need to artificially pump myself up so as to give myself some momentary delusion of confidence, no matter how ill warranted, so as to briefly hoodwink myself into fighting another day, i.e. I’m on the 16th tee and my opponent has me dormie* – we won’t for our purposes today.

    *Given that it’s currently nearing the end of the golf season here, that I just played my third round of 2015, and that I fired an even-par 72 today, you can imagine just how rare the aforementioned scenario really is.

  3. Doesn’t this remind you a bit of #b-a graduating to meet MIT eye-to-eye ? As they say, onwards and upwards !
  4. I remember chatting with Roger briefly after one of the sessions, though I can’t recall about what specifically now. I approached him because I was as green as a rosebud at the time and he was a relatively seasoned vet, and I wanted to catch a glimpse of what the years had taught him. That I can’t remember a single take-home sorta says it all. It’s no wonder Ver’s luck ran out.
  5. Seriously, a quick scan of that website reveals not a single goddam comment. Not one ! Then again, there is a “Comments Off” warning next to the published date, despite the Facebook comments plug-in quite clearly being turned on. Heh, Facebook comments aren’t even real comments ! Who knew ?

6 thoughts on “Pete moves up, Ver moves on.

  1. shinohai says:

    I had practically given up on finding any meaningful (and responsible!) Bitcoin journalism until I discovered Qntra and the blogs that members of the #bitcoin-assets community maintain. It was like stepping into another world, with beautiful merkle trees dotting the landscape and actual stimulating conversations. The more I read of the irc logs, qntra, and trilema the clearer it became to me that the “Bitcoin experts” that gathered on reddit in reality knew nothing.

    tl;dr You too can recover from the smacktardedness that is r/bitcoin. Join #bitcoin-assets and get in the wot already!

  2. Mitchell says:

    +1 for shinohai. #bitcoin-assets = brain hurt. It’s the only source for a proper bitcoin education. Everything else is garbage, a reeking pile of rot.

    • Pete D. says:

      Rotten redditards rather rudely refuse reeducation regarding (w)rongheaded reflections, relegatedly ranting random rankery ! Righteous !

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