The tragedy of the US legal system isn’t that it fails to deter terrorism, but that it actively CREATES terrorism.

Following the Stalinistically spurious and malevolently corrupt charges laid by the FBI and Crown Prosecutor Preet Bharara against Bitcoin Exchange operators Anthony Murgio and Yuri Lebedev, a very entertaining (but really quite serious) fuse was lit , one that simply must be shared :

mircea_popescu: “Additionally, the FBI said that the Murgio sold bitcoins to victims of ransomware attacks such as Cryptowall.” << Yeah, like various USGi offices, including if memory serves a Sheriff.ii I suppose this is now a crime, right ? Selling bitcoin to the derps. Them using public funds to pay the ransom IS FINE! Them having the Windows hole in the first time, for which they paid with more public funds, also fine. Just selling them bitcoin is bad. Motherfucker shitforbrains.

asciilifeform: ‘Sold enemy of the crown water to drink’ will eventually lead to gallows, yes.
mircea_popescu: NO. They sold the fucking crown AGENT water to drink.

asciilifeform: Naturally. How else caught !
mircea_popescu: Nononono. They sold bitcoin to some derps who needed it to pay cryptolocker. Such derps = USG law enforcement, who is excused from murder, and from illegal use of his budget. But they propose the gun shop owner did something wrong.

asciilifeform: L0l aha.
mircea_popescu: “By selling bitcoins to the victims, the FBI, notably, holds Murgio responsible for enabling the criminals responsible for the attacks to receive the proceeds of their crimes.” << How about that ? “The victims” aka government agents, who both provide the holes and the payments, are a-ok. Because government shit don’t stink. Fuck this. So it’s not the fucking Marshall’s Office that ENABLED the criminals by paying tax dollars for Windows shit. And it’s also not the fucking Marshall’s Office that ENABLED the criminals by paying them bitcoin. No, no, it’s the bitcoin salesman that’s to blame. He did it all!

asciilifeform: The only hypothesis that has a prayer of explaining all of this is that Microshit is sacrosanct in USA. A kind of national church.
mircea_popescu: I do not care for any explanation.

asciilifeform: Students of collective madness might care for explanation.
mircea_popescu: This is how people end up funding “terrorism”, for the record, if anyone wondered. Half a day of this shit, you’re willing to pay money to anyone shooting that way. In any case : the front against the USG in the cyber world is only going to strengthen the way it’s going. Within a decade we will see full area denial in the sense that no gov’t anything will still run online.

asciilifeform: I am not a lawyer, but the legalistic talmudism (talmudic legalism?) under which the FL folks are being charged, was something more like ‘sold ammo to fella who spoke of his criminal plan’ rather than ‘sold ammo to fella who turned out to be criminal’. This is a traditional thing in USA.
mircea_popescu: Not what it says.

*:asciilifeform reads
asciilifeform: “In doing so, they knowingly exchanged cash for people whom they believed may be engaging in criminal activity. MURGIO and his co-conspirators have also knowingly exchanged cash for Bitcoins for victims of ‘ransomware’ attacks…”

mircea_popescu: Quite. THE FUCKING USMS WAS ENGAGING IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. ie, defrauding the taxpayer to pay his cybercriminal buttbuddies.
asciilifeform: Does seem like a straight application of 20th c. u.s. law, though. where it is formally illegal not to turn stoolie.

mircea_popescu: How were they to know ? Here is the case : 1) US Marshall got a friend of his to install a cryptolocker on the office computer. 2) US Marshall stole money from the office budget, to buy bitcoin with. 3) US Marshall gave bitcoin to his friend. How is the bitcoin seller responsible for this ? What if he had bought a cow ? And most importantly, where is the fraud, racketeering and criminal organisation/conspiracy indictment for the US Marshall in question ?

asciilifeform: Sorta like dope peddler who buys a bag of ‘coke’ (sugar) from one USG provocateur and sells it to another is considered just as guilty of the offence as one who was found with the genuine article in USA.
mircea_popescu: Not AT ALL the same. Not at all the same. It’s sorta like the guy who does a lube job for the unmarked police car which the cop driving was using to steal coke from the evidence room. They failed to indict the cop and are prosecuting the mechanic. How the fuck does this make sense. “He drove it in, I lubed it. It’s what I do. What the fuck do you schmucks want ? I mean I get it, frantic activity as a cover for YOUR FUCKING IMPOTENCE, but really… get to terms with it already.”

*:asciilifeform gives up trying to ‘make sense’ of this nyooz, because, yes, it does not actually make sense as presented by USG.
mircea_popescu: This is why I say “within a decade we will see full area denial in the sense that no gov’t anything will still run online.” They’re simply too weak and ineffectual to do anything that matters, and even they know it. By 2025 internet will be exactly like Iraq for the USG. “Show up here and get deaded.”

Yes, my dear children, the USG creates terrorists ; it doesn’t prevent them, protect you from them, or even particularly desire for them to go away, quite contrary to their rhetoric. So let me say it again :


They created Al-Queda because they couldn’t fight the Ruskies head-on, they created ISIS because Saddam was bad mkay, they’ve created domestic monsters left, right, and centre, and they’re creating “cyberterrorists” as we speak.iii The USG and their arbitrary assignment of power are, in a nutshell, the source and the root of all evil. They are the enemy of freedom, productivity, sanity, beauty, and goodness in all its forms.

So choose your friends wisely, because as ever, history doesn’t look kindly upon the vanquished.

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  1. For the newbs, USG = United States Government.
  2. MP’s memory does serve. It was the Dickson Country Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee that was hit with bitcoin-requiring ransomware. And they paid !
  3. Not to mention the fat kids, sick kids, scared kids, and stupid kids, because yes, the USG created those too.

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