The valley of uncanny.

Once it smile a silent power
Where the people did not cower ;
Then came the 8K TV,
Boasting “best technology,”
Nightly, from their homes so coze,
They watched their movies and shows,
In the midst of which all day
The too-smoothed frames of Blu-Ray.
Now each viewer shall confess
The uncanny valley’s a mess.
Nothing there is motionless —
Distant cracks and long gone fizz
Do you remember the hiss ?
Now, by no tapes those disk drives drive
That spin or sit not quite alive
Uneasily, the beeless hive,
Over on the screens that lie
In myriad types of human eye —
The monitors are now a grave
Too much too much it gave it gave !
They wave : — from their scripted top
Eternal motion begs to stop.
They weep : — from off their delicate brow
Unreal tears descend. Suchwow.

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