Before you board the plane to Italy, consider this.

The other day, I went out on a limb in defence of Italy, saying that the Mediterranean’s boot “still has production capabilities – cars, clothes, bicycles, etc.” and was therefore more valuable than Greece, at least as far as this armchair analyst could see. What with the Paganis, Pradas, and Poltrona Fraus, there had to be something, something there worth salvaging, despite the sclerotic culture and necrotic mental infections, was there not ?

Now despite the Banca d’Italia choosing life over death vis-a-vis Bitcoin, some recent articles have come across my path that would seem to indicate that the situation on the strada is in fact far more of a zoo park than I may have cared to admit originally. While the museums, galleries, and monuments live on, the people around them are in no way related to those of the glory days of Empire, leaving a fairly sorry state of affairs for the would-be traveler.i

Exhibit A :

I then asked my wife how much the fuel came to. She said 130 Euros. That seemed like a lot, even for 1.609 per liter. I did the math and they would have needed to put in 80.8 liters to come to that. The van has an 80 liter tank, and it was almost 1/4 full when we pulled in. I estimated that he overcharged us by almost 30 Euros. It was odd that the receipt had no details on it. I went to the guy who ran the pump, and asked for 30 Euros. I don’t understand Italian, but he was pretending nothing was wrong. I then went inside and talked to the guy who had ripped me off for the iced-creams, and he went into the fuel computer and eventually pulled out a transaction for pump 21 that was for 130 Euros and 80 liters and claimed that was mine. I didn’t accept it, as it was not possible to put 80 liters into my tank, and asked for my 30 Euros again. He then pulled out a second transaction that was for 106 Euros and 65 liters. That was as expected. He then called over someone who may have been a manager, and I showed him the two receipts. I then went to the guy who ran the pump again and asked for my money again, and said I would call the Police. The manager-looking guy asked him to cough up the money, and he gave me 24 Euros from his own wallet.

Exhibit B :

Violent protests against refugees broke out in Rome on Friday, hours after locals in the northern city of Treviso forced the evacuation of a group of migrants by burning mattresses and furniture.

Luca Zaia, the governor of Veneto, voiced support for the protesters, saying that his region was being “Africanised” by the arrival of so many migrants.

“The Veneto is in danger of becoming an outpost of Africa,” he said.

Exhibit C :

Migrant arrivals have already exceeded 85,000 this year, following 170,000 in all of 2014. While many of the newcomers look to move swiftly to wealthier northern Europe, some 85,000 are housed in Italian shelters – up from 60,000 last year.

To relieve pressure on Italy’s southern regions, where immigrants are initially brought after being plucked from the Mediterranean, the government is seeking to disperse them more evenly in central and northern Italy.

The net result of Exhibits A-C is that Italy is well on its way to answering the corollary of the question answered by Jamaica, namely “What would Africa look like if we gave it a whack-load of European infrastructure and walked away ?” and therefore answers the question “What would European infrastructure look like if we gave it a whack-load of Africans and walked away ?

Now don’t go to sleep tonight imagining that these kinds of scenes can only happen in Italy either, and that for as long as you stay nestled into your over-priced little bedroom community watching Netflix and eating pre-popped popcorn that you’ll be spared. Fat chance.

Whether you’re in Berlin, Beirut, Brighton, or Baltimore, you’d better start practicing those mental gymnastics exercises because Africa is coming. So wucha gunna do when Africa comes for you ?ii

Bad boys, bad boys…

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  1. It’s been almost a decade since I was last in Roma and Tuscany, so my first-hand experience is a bit out-of-date. That being said, I’ll always fondly remember one particular evening of homemade wagon-wheel pasta under the sage stars. Funny how food colours the memory, eh.
  2. Assuming you can’t earn your way into the Yeshiva, whether through your own blood and sweat or the generosity of family, you basically have two choices here : the Muslim/ISIS route or the African route. But what’s the difference ?

    mircea_popescu: The African view on women, somewhat seen in things like “Bros before hos” is that they are a numerary commodity. The Muslim view on women, somewhat visible in burkas et al, is that they are a funciary commodity. To use the terminology suggested by our young friend with a California shop to be. Dja understand the distinction ?
    asciilifeform: Fungibility ?

    mircea_popescu: Not exactly. No muslim would try to provide his social proof by lining up a bunch of women behind him, which is why young men are treated that certain way in islam. Gotta have a numerary commodity, and money can’t be it (because they’re retarded).
    asciilifeform: (‘Bros before hos’ ™ (r) is not strictly african, but almost literally exists as a maxim among Ru outlaw folks).

    mircea_popescu: Russians are African.
    asciilifeform: Aha in that sense, yes!

    mircea_popescu: Yeah.
    asciilifeform: Orc.

    mircea_popescu: Whereas Muslims, contrary to the bum job they’re getting, are actually quite consummately decadent. Golden crescent, a sort of its very own Rhine valley. Anyway, a funciary commodity, ie. like land in Medieval Europe, is the good that makes all other goods. A numerary commodity, ie. money in Jewish Europe, is the good that measures all other goods. There are numerous points where these orthogonal concerns come into objective conflict, which is always resolved culturally. Wherein hitting an idiot over the head repeatedly is patently a cultural process.

9 thoughts on “Before you board the plane to Italy, consider this.

  1. osias says:

    Russias are Africans? I would like to read a link about this

    • Pete D. says:

      Russians are Africans, just as Americans are Africans, in the sense that they’re all a bunch of filthy shaved apes who regard real humans – those of eloquence, intellect, and finer breeding – as effete nithlings. You might also call such Africans “orcs,” while terming their betters, those blessed with magical dragon powers by comparison, as “people.”

      Actually, Marcus is a good example of an orc and bankers are a decent example of people, in case you need the definitions fleshed out with more practical illustrations.

  2. osias says:


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