Why did blacks stop caring about respectability and acceptability in USistan ? Because there’s none to be had.

From a narrowly usefuli little blog called ‘Playing the Devil’s Advocate’ comes the subject of today’s roasting / reframing, How blacks stopped caring about respectability and acceptability :

One of the more peculiar, if often ignored, feature of recent popular protests that have followed many of the seemingly routine extrajudicial executions of black men by cops and white vigilantes in the USA has been the profile of those killed. To put it another way, the majority of black protesters are no longer restrained by CONservative and LIEbral whites talking about the so-called “criminal histories” of those that were murdered.

Ok, so in Baltimore and Ferguson and probably vast swathes of USistanii there’s recently been a healthy smattering of black dudes who just dun give a fuck anymore. No shit. The States and the rest of the not-so-sovereign nation states suck the big black dong of the Internet, and plenty of folks are fucking exhausted of the pretenses to importance of “corrupt” and broke-ass politicians, and are all too happy to rip the mask off of the slave mistress of civilityiii given even the slightest window of opportunity. So that’s what they did, just as anyone worth their salt has done and will do until their dying breath. This is categorically not “something we should be doing because oh gosh golly wouldn’t it be nice if things were better for me.” This is God’s work.iv Exposing the ineptness, the incompetence, and the inhumanityv of the fiat regime is also the whole fucking point of Bitcoin, to be sure.

What changed? Why have so many blacks (especially those born after 1980) stopped caring about appearing respectable and acceptable to whites?

Why, for the exact same reason that anyone with a moral compass unequivocally opposes everything that remains of the post-post-modern wasteland that is contemporary America. What changed was quite specifically not the expectations of some black dudes, for they still want to better themselves, what changed was the pathetic mirage of a “just as good” CPI-indexed future they’re being presented with today compared to the far more desirable fruits of productive industry from 40-60 years ago. Where once, being a successful white or black man in America meant owning your own home with a new Oldsmobile parked in the driveway, a wife with two beautiful kids, and a secretary to fuck on the side, now it means being social media famous and publicly fellating corporate interests so that you starve more slowly. I dunno about you, but I can’t blame anyone for eschewing that perverted definition of “respectability” and “acceptability.”

If you have ever read about the peaceful black civil rights movement from the 1950s and 1960s, it is hard to miss that many leaders of that movement went to great lengths to ensure that plaintiffs in cases of racial discrimination had a “socially acceptable”, “respectable” and “gentle” demeanor. This desire by blacks for “respectability” and “acceptability” by whites intensified after the 1960s and went on well into the late 1990s and early 2000s, when for some inexplicable reason, it started to quickly fade away.

This “inexplicable reason” is really quite plain : the economy starting sputtering as socialism moved from east to west with the fall of the Soviet Union, innovation died at the hands of pets.com and its derpy “dotcom boom” ilk, and without an external enemy, the federal government began pointing its impressive arsenal inwards onto its own citizens in a destructive series of Wars On Nouns. Any pretense of glory died when the US “won” the cold war and it was confronted with the twin burdens of its tumourous bureaucracy and its intellectual feebleness. What else did you expect to follow that other than a lot of empty promises that would eventually come home to roost ?

So, what is going on? Why did most blacks initially embrace the idea that respectability and acceptability would somehow result in “true” equality with whites? Why did this quest for respectability and acceptability strengthen after the civil rights movement only to collapse in the last decade? And why did it collapse?

The civil rights movement didn’t so much collapse as fail from the outset. Giving people things they haven’t earned, like Nobel Peace prizes to Obama, do a great deal of harm to anyone who did earn what they have. Since the rights railroad didn’t stop with voting and continued right on through to health care and oh-so-much-more, the rewards for working hard and earning anything at all were ultimately eroded and any semblance of “respectability” along with it. And since there’s no difference between good and bad in socialistania, “acceptability” is meaningless as well. Everyone is perfect, just the way they are !

The objective of the original civil rights leaders was misguided from the outset – they misunderstood “white” as being about race of skin colour, when it was really just used a euphemism for “cultured and advanced.” Removing standards and goalposts from a society can only lead to its degradation towards the lowest common denominator, as it assuredly has, much to the surprise of the “no one could’ve expected” libertards. Then, guess what, shit hits the fan. Anyways, the quoted article only gets worse from here so this seems as good a point to call it as any.

It’s going to be hot summer, to be sure. Enjoy!

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  1. Useful, that is, if you’re looking for an escort and need to be persuaded on the merits thereof. That, and the “NSFW Links” and “Interesting Links” aren’t half-bad if you’re bored.
  2. Lulzily, following the recent election results, there seems to be an “Albertastan” meme making the rounds. Naturally, derpage about “that’s racist mkay” has ensued because hey, you have to be pretty fucking ignorant and infantile to give a shit about race to begin with, much less that using words you don’t understand with etymologies beyond your grasp are inherently bad. “How elitist, how racist, etc.” Fuck off.
  3. James Lafond provides brilliant street-level insight into Baltimore during the recent riots :

    The leaders and academics of our sick corrupt society have labored for nearly two centuries to emasculate our young men from the cradle to the grave.

    I now observe, through what of my primal man’s eye I have been able to salvage from this systematic assault on my humanity, that all it takes is a few urban savages to rip the mask away from the slave mistress that owns us to expose her for the impotent squabbling bitch that she is, and open the door for men to be men once again, as the lie that encases our souls crumbles to dust with every fumbling falsehood that falls flat beneath the reality of naked force. The hooting black heathens that have hunted me in the streets of Baltimore for over 30 years might be my enemies, but they at least acknowledge my manhood as they probe for my every weakness, and have struck a resounding blow against the slave mistress society that seeks with its every apparatus to render me weak to the point of meek.

    I’d recommend you spend some time on his site, the man can write.

  4. No, for fuck’s sake, not literally “God’s work.” God doesn’t literally play with dice either. What’s the matter with your head ?
  5. That is, the large nation state is antithetical to all that is human, which is to say, good and beautiful.

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