Foreign aid : assuaging your guilt and ruining lives… since forever.

So accustomed are the socialist do-ocracies of the western world to “helping” third world countriesi with boatloads of money, vaccines,ii malaria/fish nets, and the like, that there’s an entire faux moral imperative and social rationalisation for why we have “a duty” and “a responsibility” to continue, if not increase, our efforts in this direction.

This delusion is greatly supported at the national level by politicians who find it incredibly convenient to distract the meatpuppets with foreign affairs while they professionally pick domestic pockets. International aid organisations are all to happy to assist in this endeavour, preying on social pressures with televised sympathy porn depicting bloated-belly African children with flies buzzing around their shit-infested sties, all the while paying themselves handsome salaries and “marketing.” Together, states and aid organisations work to prop up politically convenient despots who are keen to play ball at the international level.

Not every despot wants to play ball indefinitely, however, and such friendlies-cum-adversaries are unsurprisingly prone to “colour revolutions” and “social media uprisings,” both of which are just fancy euphamisms for “no longer as politically useful as their opponent.” As such, the craftiest despots are the ones who stick around the longest. These are the Mugabes and Husseins,iii the ones who know how to pay off their supporters with “foreign aid” and quash any pretense of opposition, all while giving the “international community” whatever the fuck it needs – be it a UN vote hereiv or a public denouncement of some Other Very Bad Person(tm) there. This is no doubt a high-wire act, balancing the interests of one’s cronies, one’s financial backers, and keeping competing parties at bay. It’s not for the faint of heart, but does it ever pay well !v

These financial backers, of course, are nation states with “good intentions.” Equally obvious should be the predictable result of such interventionism, as it’s readily observable in our own economies. In precisely the same way that nation states generally fuck up their own finances because they imagine that markets are something to be Soviet-Harvardesquely managed in the first place, they bring untold pain and suffering. It’s to this that I’m so morally and ethically opposed : this iatrogenics.

Only adding insult to injury is the fact that this “aid” is coerced from us, thus depriving us of any sense of charitable after-glow. If you’ve ever thrown a euro in a musician’s carrying case while he serenades passer-bys with his cello in a medieval square, you’ve felt an inkling of appreciation for another human being and experienced the social reward of distributing a monetary one. However, if you were forced, by threat of imprisonment, to give a percentage of your wealth to someone you never could and never will meet, only to have this hard-earned productive output stick to a million grubby fingers in between and never make it to the advertised destination, you’d be pretty pissed. As well you should. As well we all should for as long as this little charade persists.

So that’s what foreign aid is : it’s your productive output being coerced from you in order to prop up foreign despots who oppress their own people and enrich themselves and their cronies in exchange for trade agreements and worthless international tawk, all so you can purchase your own ignorance.

Enjoy. You’ve earned it.

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  1. Undefined though this discrepancy between first and third is, and particularly odd given that they have the freedom to smoke on a patio and drink a bottle of wine in a park, and we don’t.
  2. Occasionally, CIA agents have been known to take blood samples from high-profile targets and their families at such clinics. And you wonder why the anti-vaxxer myth persists.
  3. Or “democratic” Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki :

    Maliki had plundered all the wealth of the country and his reign was rigged by an extremely high degree of corruption.

    Throughout his eight-year rule, he wasted hundreds of billions of dollar. From 2004 to 2014, Iraq has had revenues of over $750 billion, in addition to all those billions of international contributions. After deducting the Kuwaiti compensation fund, government primary expenditures and a small portion of its investment budget — all approximately and on average totaling 70 percent of the budget — at least $200 billion has disappeared.

    Touring around Iraq, that huge amount of revenue is nowhere to seen.

  4. For perhaps, a trade embargo of some country that probably doesn’t even trade with said country, or a worthless “climate change” promise that can’t be measured or enforced. But these are still valuable news items to splash across the front pages of the western papers. That’s really what you’re paying for, a noisy distraction.
  5. Much respect must be given to those who even attempt this feat, much skin in the game is required. Your neck is literally on the line.

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