Bitcoin jobs! Get your Bitcoin jobs!

Let’s say you’ve already read up on what it takes to add value to Bitcoin and you’ve already ticked those first few boxes. Basically, you’re in the WoT and you’ve read some logs. Wonderful! But what next?

Now it’s time to put your skills to work! It’s easy, just make your way over to the Trilema Jobs Board to see if there’s an opening.

But wait, how does the Trilema Jobs Board even work?

It will work like so :

1. The title will indicate whether the job is [OPEN] or whether it is already being maintained. If the job is open you may apply, preferrably through contacting me on #bitcoin-assets (webirc link).

2. The body will contain a complete spec. You are not to diverge from anything explicitly given. You are to make your own choices as to anything not explicitly given. You may ask for any refinements or clarifications you wish, but don’t expect more than “doesn’t matter” in response.

3. You are expected to negotiate your own pay. If the project is going to generate revenue, it will probably be organised as a MPEx asset, and you can ask for equity, either as shares, stock options – read up on the current contracts there to form an idea. In any case you can ask for Bitcoin either as a lump or periodic payment. You will not necessarily get what you ask for, obviously, but such is the way of the world.

4. You require a WoT account in good standing to participate. You can not participate without one, irrespective of what you may think about “the real world”. The real world is in fact going to require WoT presence as a matter of course in short order, whether anyone likes the idea or not, best get in ahead of the curve. Depending on the project, your account could be too new, or too poorly regarded. Neither possibility should discourage you from asking – should it be the case you will probably receive suggestions as to more suitable projects or otherwise constructive help to remedy whatever deffects.

5. Your commitment will be preserved in the shape of a signed & notarized GPG contract. Your reputation will suffer if you behave erratically, fail to deliver and so on. Your reputation is by far your most valuable asset so take good care of it.

6. Generally contracts include maintenance. This is not a boyish contest of “can you do X”, but an endeavour for adults. Immense piles of useless, unmaintained code have no value and present no interest. Bear in mind that yearlong commitments are a basic requirement, and no excuses have to date been accepted.

So if you’re reliable, in the WoT, and looking for work that legitimatelyi adds value to the most interesting space on the planet, pop on over to #bitcoin-assets on IRC and ask for mircea_popescu.


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  1. As opposed to, say, some start-up, “bitcoin consultancy,” or the like.

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin jobs! Get your Bitcoin jobs!

  1. Now it’s time to put your skills to work!

    Hard to work even more after 8 hours of slave labor each day.

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