To A Redditard

You bizarre, wide-faced, loose-lipped, slow-eyed,
Pale-skinned, paltry-minded, zeks of the Net,
Gulping “ideas” at “conferences,”i
Simple folk, behind pseudonyms you hide,ii
You opine tho’ nothing is twixt your ears,
And you, all shapes, sizes, you only fret,–
Some thin, some fat, all full of pretenses,
Impotent, loud, with no shortage of fears,

O crude, soft, withering, dithering blights,
What is’t ye do? What purpose do you seek?iii
How do ye expect to add to the fight?iv
Your thinking’s so shallow, your thoughts so meek,
With simplicity, you dream of more rights,v
New revolutions, just give me your

With apologies to Leigh Hunt (1784-1859) and his poem To A Fish.

___ ___ ___

  1. Conferences such as the Toronto Bitcoin Expo.
  2. Not that pseudonyms are in and of themselves bad, it’s just that Reddit “identities” are too easily created and discarded, negating their value, the value of their user, and the value of the words accredited them. Just get in the WoT already.
  3. Assuming that Redditards are nowhere near approaching causes, what is their purpose?
  4. The fight being: Bitcoin.
  5. Chugachuga-chugachuga-choo!-choo! goes the train along the Rights Railroad.
  6. Another revolution? Seriously? We already had the French one and we’re still living with its unfortunate consequences. What do you say we try a little reaction action?

19 thoughts on “To A Redditard

  1. I still blame Yishan Wong, or should it be Paul Graham? I don’t know, I’m outraged all the same!

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