The Transition.

The following conversation brought to the fore something I’ve been ruminating on for a few months: The “Bitcoin” prefix in my handle.i While the moniker has always been a useful conversation starter for those who don’t grok Bitcoin, as well as a good indicator of what’s usually on my mind, it was starting to sound a bit… contrived.

So this is the straw that broke the camel’s back:

benkay: i think people actually sent me bitcoin to my bitbet referral addr too, bitcoin
benkay: i think people actually sent me bitcoin to my bitbet referral addr too, bitcoinpete
benkay: man you ppl gotta stop it with bitcointhis and bitcointhat 

mircea_popescu: bitcoinpete 10 hits is something << ironically, if my wol comic ad campaign hit on one me that then plonked a large bitcoin stash down it’d have been worth it.
cazalla: i don’t trust people who use bitcointhis, bitcointhat for names, bitcoinpete withstanding
mircea_popescu: yeah benkay has a point. can you be something else other than bitcoinpete, bitcoinpete ? you’re driving others into sin, like rebecca the jewish irishii

bitcoinpete: she should be bitcoinbecky anyways
mircea_popescu: jesus.

bitcoinpete: k fine fuck

And that was basically it. After tossing around a few ideas for new handles, the majority of which, quite understandably, centred on moosecocksiii and douches,iv the decision was made.

bitcoinpete, is all his various and sundry forms, is no more.

Welcome to Contravex.

Pete D

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  1. As found on Bitcoin-OTC, Twitter, and blog – all of which have now been revamped and redirected., for example, now redirects here and all my previous blog posts have been imported here for your convenience
  2. “rebecca the jewish irish,” or RebeccaBitcoin, joined us recently in #bitcoin-assets after reading my blog and some of my postings on I do have a way of attracting people to IRC, don’t I?
  3. dubmoosecockpete
  4. benkaypdouche

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