14 Best Tweets: LA Auto Show 2011

by Peter D

I’ve just returned from the 2-day media circus/spectacle at the LA Auto Show where I absorbed and analyzed the most amazing cars in the world and brushed shoulders with faces and names that were beyond my wildest dreams.

I must’ve stuffed my suitcase with 4-leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet, and knockable wood because I had the opportunity to talk to Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear), Jamie Kitman (Automobile), Sam Smith (Esquire, C&D), Brett Berk (Vanity Fair), Brian Makse (Sympatico), Justin Bell (racer), Jeff Glucker (Hooniverse), Blake Rong (who knows?), Jamie Wolfcale (DriveCult), and many more. What blew me away wasn’t just their presence, but how approachable they were and how quickly we dove into deeply rewarding conversations about cars and our respective backgrounds. You can’t just walk up to someone on the street and talk to them about the recovered beachwood in the Cadillac Ciel concept, but you can at the LA Auto Show. It was an absolute honour, a privilege, and an exhaustively exhilarating experience. I was completely starstruck for the entire 48 hours. I was expecting to be blown away by the cars, but it was the people that truly brought the LA Auto Show to the next level.

Not to take anything away from the show floor itself, which was also beyond my comprehension. I couldn’t possibly do justice to the enormity of the show floor at the LA Convention Center, and you already know that I won’t even try to cover all the breaking news, so I’ve assembled a compilation of my best tweets from the show (a very 2011 way to cover it, if you ask me), for your enjoyment.

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  1. Exclusive marriage proposal to Nissan GT-R caught at LA Auto Show #LAAS http://t.co/AWPqm0EY
  2. “If you like this plain white board, you’ll love what we have to offer” #porsche #LAAS http://t.co/5F5iq9N1
  3. “We iz da target demo 4 da Abarth. Snap snap!” #Fiat #LAAS http://t.co/KzIjdRH5
  4. “Swab the decks, mateys!” #rolls #dhc #LAAS http://t.co/Ma9H7ZOg
  5. As @jglucker, @bzrong and I sat around admiring each others’ watches, Justin Bell walks up and shows off his Devon Tread 1. Silence ensued.
  6. The new BMW M5 claims its first roadkill victim at the LA Auto Show. http://t.co/3wlJHuIb
  7. The Mulsanne tech concept is impressively polished, but the RR Ghost has carpets that do this. #rolls #LAAS http://t.co/sUhx01Uv
  8. A whale’s erection was used as a model for the Audi S8’s driver’s seat thigh support. #audi #LAAS @Wildsau http://t.co/nmIbxjFQ
  9. “We’re just a couple of straight dudes who spent all our money on Gucci clothes. Don’t judge us.” #LAAS http://t.co/slHpVkYN
  10. The Ford Fiesta ST Concept wasn’t attracting the crowds, but it was still one of the show’s (quiet) stars. #LAAS http://t.co/03yD8Xms
  11. It’s not easy to communicate just how POINTY the new Lincolns are. #Lincoln #LAAS http://t.co/Ds0mG2sW
  12. A glimpse inside the Focus ST-R Race Car Concept, as built by Capaldi Racing. I’ve never heard of them either. #LAAS http://t.co/P4QkSZpA
  13. Finally, Cadillac shows us a car worthy of an assassination attempt on a head of state. @Carpervert #ciel #LAAS http://t.co/Z9J2j26S
  14. I talked to a pair of GM Design gents about Jag’s CX-16. We concluded that it’s lazily executed and a bit pointless. http://t.co/ciyCCYfm

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See, wasn’t that fun? Now that you’ve enjoyed the best tweets from the 2011 LA Auto Show, get a load of the best pictures!

I can see how it would entirely consuming and completely exhausting to go from auto show to auto show and from press launch to press launch, but as a casual (and obsessed) observer of the industry, being at the LA Auto Show was like being invited to play in the Superbowl. Hopefully, CarEnvy.ca will continue to be invited to the odd media event here and there, all so that we can share with you the excitement of the industry from inside the ropes. Until next time!

Enough thanks cannot be given to Ford Canada for pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Canadian contingent of bloggers and journos felt like superstars. It was a show to remember.

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