Frankfurt 2009: Pagani Zonda R Is Entomological Magic

05-zonda-r-liveIt might be a little late to still be covering the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, but I couldn’t pass this up. Do you like carbon fibre? Do you like entomological magic? Then Horatio Pagani has built a $1.8 million track-day extrusion of ecstasy for you.

Have you ever seen such a mirror? It looks like the funiculus of Polyrhachis sokolova, a species of ant that nests in mangrove swamps, except instead of being made out of protein it’s made out of carbon fibre. In fact, the whole exoskeleton of the Zonda R is made of carbon fibre.

Then there’s the interior. More specifically, the ungodly paddle shifters…Said paddle shifters appear to be made in the image of the Devil’s horns. Very ungodly. This evidence further supports the conjecture that Horatio Pagani an insect alien that doesn’t believe in God and is possibly a relative of the prawns in District 9. Ok, I just made up that conjecture. But you have to admit that it sounds plausible.


And just in case you thought it was possible to write a Zonda article without mentioning the gattling gun exhausts, you were wrong.


Rainbowed titanium. Oh yes. Oh yes. These rainbows help the Zonda R propel to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and on to 233 mph. Entomological magic indeed.

[Photo credits: Autoblog]

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