2010 BMW 5-Series GT In The Viennese Flesh

BMW 5GT in Vienna - 1

While visiting Vienna, Austria, recently, I wanted to check out the Leopold Museum because it was featuring an exhibit by Egon Schiele as well as an exhibit of Viennese Jugendstil (known as Art Nouveau elsewhere). Art snobbery aside, what I didn’t expect to see when I walked in the main entrance was a BMW 5-Series GT on exhibit. Surrounded by knowledgeable (but German-speaking) salespeople, and fancifully catered to keep browsing gallery-goers in a good mood, the 5GT was… it was just there. A BMW. A very confused, category-snapping BMW. In an art gallery. It took me by complete surprise.

Seeing the 5GT in person was certainly an experience. It’s quite a large vehicle, really. The 20″ wheels looking absurdly normal. Inside, it doesn’t feel terribly spacious, although I will admit that the back seat legroom was commendable. But overall, it’s as awkward as a kindergarten teacher who asks his teacher about her sex life. It just sort of hangs there in the air, never comfortable with itself but with nowhere to hide.

At the time, I couldn’t place what other vehicle it reminded me of. It was at the tip of my entorhinal cortex of my mediotemporal lobe, but I just couldn’t remember, until I returned home and saw the Toyota Venza. Then it all made sense. Save for the turbocharged powerplants and the split-opening trunk, the 5GT is a posher Venza, which is itself a posher Camry. So really, the BMW 5-Series GT is a Toyota Camry. Hmmm.

A full gallery of the 5GT is below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

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  3. Pete D. says:

    Updated with photos from the archives.

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