Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (but my friends just call me "Evo X")

Disclaimer: Any power output figures either written or expressed are, at best, estimates and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sleep is a funny thing. Funny because it is laughable how much and how little some people need. Post-secondary students, at least the successful ones, don’t seem to need much of it – they can pull all-nighter after all-nighter when studying for and writing exams. University and College are presumably designed to push students to the limits of their memorizing and sleep-deprivation abilities, as if either were a metric for “intelligence”. You don’t need to be a medical professional to know that the more you exert yourself, either physically or mentally, the more sleep you will require. This is true for much of the study body, but some individuals are able to perform near their peak with limited rest. It is these Mendelian traits that are selected for in Universities, at least the Canadian ones. So when individuals such as myself, who require somewhere around 9 hours of sleep to function well, pursue undergraduate studies, the results aren’t ideal. I bear no resentment against my physiology, only a misguided post-secondary educational system in Canada. Just getting into University ensures that the students are adequetly intelligent. Assuming that entrance requirements create some kind of level playing field, why select for a single attribute when determing our nation’s future doctors, lawyers, and researchers? Shouldn’t we look for more well-rounded individuals? Ahhh, it feels good to vent. 


But that’s the past. Now I’m the editor for one of the biggest car enthusiast publications North of 53 degrees latitude (further North than Moscow, even). Which is saying exactly nothing. And I’m okay with that. 

But it’s no longer classes, studying, and exams that have me tired these days – it’s everything else. Including the Evo X. 

Life can be tough in Edmonton. For those of you unfamiliar with this hamlet-turned-oil-rich-Sheikdom, Edmonton is the Northern-most large city in Canada. With a huge amount of urban sprawl, the city’s government is unable to properly maintain all of the roads in Alberta’s arctic capital. So how do people get around this forsaken ice world? Well it’s mostly with depressing trucks and SUVs, if I’m honest, but also with all-wheel-drive turbocharged rally cars, of course! At least this is what the prosperous youth who shy away from three quarter-ton diesel trucks drive. And we happen to know one such youth by the name of Sharbel Derosa. Sharbel was generous enough to loan us his “lightly”-modded 2008 Evo X GSR recently on an unusually warm December afternoon and we’re here to share our findings. 

By “modded”, I don’t mean that is has a really big spoiler (it has a big one, just not a really big one) and an exhaust tip from Canadian Tire. By “modded” I mean ETS turbo back exhaust, Ultimate Racing downpipe and oxygen housing, Ultimate Racing test pipe, ETS intercooler piping, Agency Power cold air intake, Greddy boost controller, Blitz throttle controller, AMS shifter bushings, AMS short shifter, HKS blow-off valve, Blizzak lM-25 winter tires, blacked out tail lights, and front tinted headlights. This takes the stock ~260 awhp to a staggering ~360 awhp. This car is truly a one-of-a-kind. 

picture-12The new Evo is the first one to be sold in Canada legally by Mitsubishi. Canadian car enthusiasts have gazed longingly to the south for long(ingly) enough. This new Evo is based on the Lancer platform but adds just a couple of minor tweaks. These minor tweaks include AWD with advanced torque-vectoring, a huge turbo, giant Brembo brakes, a widened and lowered body, dual exhaust tips, and the option of a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Like I said, minor minor tweaks. 


Ok, so it’s an insanely a pretty powerful car and we all know that it has a rather complex AWD system with yaw control, but it’s the way the vehicle delivers its power that is so fatiguing. I don’t think many Evo owners have insomnia, because they’ve all had very demanding days. The ETS exhaust is enjoyably engaging most of the time but for long-distance travel, with only a 5th gear to cruise in, it can drone like an RQ1 Predator UAV.

I should also mention that the 3rd gear synchros in Sharbel’s Evo were more messed up than a post-colonial African nation, so for the purpose of the feature, I drove a 4-speed Evo X. Third gear could be coaxed into functioning, but by the time that happened, the turbo had unspooled and I was subjected to that sinusoidally-mapped powerband again. I told you this car was a one-of-a-kind. 

The turbo has a fair bit of lag below 3,000 rpm but once it hits that mark it ferociously rips to the redline . It’s a good thing the 5-speed gear action is good because you’ll definitely need to make use of it to stay in the powerband that lasts only fractionally longer than your job in this recession. 

picture-3Those who lament the lack of six forward gears can opt for a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This DSG-wannabe is only available on the up-level MR spec which is $6000 more expensive and much less tunable. Those going for that option will miss out on a very direct and mechanical action. The shifts aren’t the lightest or smoothest though, so be sure to talk to your Gold’s Gym trainer about strengthening that right side before tackling the Evo X. Keep this in mind the next time you see a guy on the street with a rippling, Hulk-like right arm and a pitiful left one – he may not be the kind of self-gratifier you think he is. 

The steering in the Evo X was very direct and the off-centre response is immediate. There isn’t a ton of feel through the steering wheel though, so although I could quickly and sharply point the front wheels, I couldn’t always tell how much grip I had. The truth of the matter is that there was probably way more grip than I cared to find out. Those Blizzaks just wouldn’t let go.

The steering wheel itself was a good size but it didn’t telescope to allow me to bring the wheel closer to my chest. This is one of my biggest pet peeves because it just screams of bean-counter design. Look no further than a Honda Fit to see that a great interior doesn’t need to come with a big sticker price. Mitsubishi apparently spent all of their interior dollars and cents on the phenomenal pair of Recaro seats. I can’t say I blame them because they really do enhance the driving experience. I get the feeling that the driving experience was the number one priority for Mitsu on this car, and we should all be grateful for that. 

The Evo X is made for the young (and young at heart) because the ride and noises are targetted at boy-racers. This may sound like a criticism, but it isn’t because if you are a boy-racer, you’ll have a tough time getting better bang for your buck. At only about $45,000, including all the mods, Sharbel’s Evo X is a bargain. With some of the money you save on the car, you can buy some stocks in Esso and PetroCan. This will ensure some return on your gasoline investment. The Lancer-on-steroids is seriously thirsty with an estimated range of about 200 km when driving aggressively, which is all the time. If I were careful, I probably could have eked out about 400 km from a tank. Still not great. But who cares?

Next time you see the Evo X’s shark-mouth grille in your rear-view mirror, it would probably be a good idea to let him go around you. Sharbel has places to go.


49 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (but my friends just call me "Evo X")

  1. Janaki says:

    If you had one of those, though, would you really want to sleep? ;)

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  3. James says:

    in reference to the modifications list – what’s a Blitz Throttle Controller? Does the Evo X used “drive-by-wire” and this a remapping for better responses?

    I’m still not convinced the aluminum-block 4B11 is going to be as modification-friendly as the old reliable iron-block 4G63, but it seems to be a cinch to make tons of extra power out of one. But how’d he manage to frag the 3rd gear synchros on his Evo already? I’ve got 4 years and 75k miles on my Jetta and my 3rd gear synchros are fine… then again, i’m not putting down 360whp… maybe I just answered my own question.

  4. Carlos Link says:

    This kid does NOT know what he is talking about!

  5. RiceReview says:

    “For about 10g’s this car would have 1000 horsepower.”

    Was this video a joke or was it serious?

  6. Chris says:

    Well, it is a nice car with some decent mods.

    However, just be careful with some of the figures you quote, since you’re likely overestimating a bit!

    I’m sure Carlos can tell you all about it, but suffice it to say that you aren’t putting down 360 yet. Maybe with a tune.

    Regardless, I love my X, and I even remember seeing this car zipping around. I’ll be sure to wave next time. Enjoy!

  7. wtf says:

    this is yje worst write up ive ever seen. That an the attempted college newspaper style humour is annoying drivel that adds no value.

  8. Peter says:

    Thanks for your responses guys, I’ve added a disclaimer to the article because I think that some of the quoted power figures were off the mark.

    @wtf I’m flattered that you think I’ve got the college newspaper style going. I’ve always thought that the Gateway writers at the U of A were pretty respectable. Thanks for the writing tips btw,I’m always looking to improve my writing. Is there any chance that you’ll be giving a spelling and syntax seminar that I could attend?

  9. Chris says:

    Just to followup, I just wanted to mention that I thought the article was great. Unlike wtf, I enjoyed reading it.

    My issue with the numbers that were quoted (especially by the owner in the video). This is not Peter’s doing, rather the source.

  10. Spy007 says:

    Yeah… the HP figures this kid spouts out are completely inaccurate. A stock GSR (this version) puts out about 220 HP to the wheels. The exhaust would free up about 15, intake maybe another 40 (without a tune). The rest maybe 5-10. Realistically he is sub 300 HP at the wheels (not the 350 he is claiming).
    Getting a tune would only gain a slight bit. The reason behind that is because the intake HP gains are due to it leaning out the engine by forcing different load cells in the ECU. A tune essentially negates this effect because a stock airbox is so well designed that the gains of a tune+intake are very slight and most people end up saving the $300USD and just getting the tune.
    In order to get even 400 Hp at the wheels, this guy would need a full turbo-back exhaust, new intercooler, piping, turbo, cams, injectors, fuel pump (possibly), filter and a manifold. Some of those he has, but no way will the stock system get him to 400hp.
    This guy needs to go back to watching his InitialD movies and get a new hairstyle. Lies will only catch up with him!

    • your stupid.... says:

      wow you fool 220 to the wheels? are you retarded or something its 291 to the wheels you shit head. learn some facts before you even post a comment hahahah your such a douche bag just like most of the other tools on the site and the stock intake design isnt the greatest either. getting rid of the ram air and adding a diffferent intake adds about 20 wheel horse power. quit commenting on stuff you dont know anything about.

  11. commonsense says:

    My first criticism is that the video might as well be in chinese, at least for people who, (for lack of a better phrase) have a life. Seriously, how empty is your life that you come even close to understanding what “ETS turbo back exhaust, Ultimate Racing downpipe and oxygen housing, Ultimate Racing test pipe”, etc, etc means?

    My second criticism is the overall amateurism of the video itself. It might actually help to have some idea of what you want to say, before you say it! That way, every third word coming out of your mouth will not be “um” or “k”.

    Another trend I have noticed in some of your other articles, not necessary evident in this on, is your tendency to reiterate a lot of the phrases and opinions of BBC’s “Top Gear”. One example of many is your reference to “Car Pornography”, which is quote straight from Jeremy Clarksen; a little originality never hurt anyone.

    Another point I have is your sarcastic comments towards “wft” (not the most clever name or person admittedly), I know that do that on “Top Gear,” but they also have 250 million viewers. It is never a smart idea to belittle one of your readers or customers, especially when your syntax and overall writing…….sucks, to put it simply. I realize my writing might not be great, but I also not the “editor for one of the biggest car enthusiast publications North of 53 degrees latitude.”

    My last criticism is actually about your criticism of the Canadian education system. You blame the “misguided” Canadian University system for your academic shortcomings, but if your literacy is any indication, it is your complete lack of intelligence and attention to detail that most likely resulted in your academic shortcomings. You complained about that lack of sleep you got, but how can someone expect to become a doctor and save lives after being on call for 30 hours, but cannot manage to pass a midterm after missing a couple hours of sleep? And have you ever met a med student, they are probably the most well rounded group of people you’ll ever meet. And incase you weren’t aware of this, Mendel worked with peas, I hardly think the U of A is selecting for pea traits, but more likely intelligent and hard working traits.

    Despite my criticism, I think some of your articles have some good points and are interesting. I also enjoy the updates on the latest cars and car related news.

  12. commonsense says:

    I apologize, I think you missed my point. It just seemed to me that “Mendelian” traits isn’t the best adjective to use in a CAR article. It just comes across that you are trying to showcase your “intelligence” or better, your basic scientific knowledge in an otherwise unintelligent, fact lacking article discussing an EVO X “killing” gt-rs and zh1s (are you kidding me).

  13. maroon93 says:

    Nice ride.. I saw it the other day and in case the owner doesn’t know, his right brake light is out.

  14. Sharbel says:

    Haha I do know… I just fixed it! It was annoying. If anyone has any questions let me know. I will be happy to answer any of them since I see a lot of gossip has been going around haha You all are drama queens.

  15. Carlos Link says:


    How are we (the ones stating facts about the power output of the X) “drama” queens?
    It is cool to see another Evo enthusiast in Edmonton, but you have come across as quite the uneducated “Ricer” in this video.
    This video has circulated the Evo Forums and everyone has had quite the laugh at your expense.
    So have you had a chance to actually Dyno your car? Id love to see your dyno chart with your claimed “untuned 360whp”
    I’ll post up my dyno chart anytime, or you can contact Cam the owner of Lightspeed Innovations in Red Deer. He knows me and my car.
    Anxiously awaiting your response.

  16. Pissed oFF says:

    for 10g you can get 1000hp++?

    that BS, I put 30G and I can only come close to a 1000hp

  17. adam says:

    I would be extremely embarrassed if that was me in the video. The driver of that Evo has no clue what the hell he is talking about. The first thing that came to my mind was ricer. This next message is for the driver. You need to put your car on a dyno. Your world will turn upside down and you will look like a jackass.

    Ohh and I am in university and am embarrassed for your comments about post secondary education.

  18. Jason says:

    So curb weight for an Evo X is 3585lb
    Curb weight for an E46 M3 is 3415lb
    Curb weight for 08 M3 is 3500lb

    I fail to see how the Evo X is lighter than an M3?

    This isn’t “drama” but you two need to get your facts straight before you talk shit out of your a$$. Nice car but you guys made yourselves look really dumb.

  19. Rich A says:

    Dear Peter /,

    Please never make another video again. Please also never try reviewing a car again. Not only was the video horrific but you sound like an undergrad art student who’s read Car & Driver for a few years and is trying to sound like an enthusiast of sorts.

    What you managed to do instead is cause my palm to lunge toward my face and make hard contact. This first happened when you dropped “..from the JDM originally”. Come on.

    • Peter says:

      Gentlemen, I appreciate the feedback. As you may or may not be aware, no one is born a good writer nor a good on-camera presenter. is a work in progress and I’d appreciate it if you kept this in mind.

      Also, did you know that has more than one article and one video? For example, I just reviewed the BMW 135i and it was absolutely brilliant, especially the N54 engine. I look forward to all of your comments on our other articles, of which there are currently about 350.

  20. Hi says:

    Dumb… in every way.

  21. Sharbel says:

    the car is being dynoed at lightspeed innovations as we speak and will have peter post the dyno chart and everything once I get the car back. Sorry if we offended anybody, everything will be cleared up soon.

  22. Alek says:

    This video makes me feel embarrassed in a couple ways…
    1. For being from Edmonton
    2. For being a university student

    Turn the meathead down and try to make something respectable next time. Not something that sounds like a bunch of 14 year olds who just watched Fast and Furious 2 (the worst one) just watched.

    Yeah brah i got a turbo-back exhaust and intercooler piping and it gave me 60hp!! Lets go “drift” the snow covered parking lot!!!

  23. hacman says:

    Hi Sharbel, I believe your evo X is white is it not???? if that is the case your car was in fact not at lightspeed being tuned or dynoed as you were speaking(or typing rather,unless a certain owner drew a blank about doing it). it was in fact being taken in for work that you had screwed up on your car when you tried to do your own installs, or at least that would have to be some coincidence that the only other evo X there besides a messed up white one was a blue X being tuned.

    How do I know all this??? well I was there on Friday the 24th all day and in my talks with a certain about recent X tunings, there was no mention of a white one other then the X that had an unfortunate incident.


  24. Carlos says:

    I birdy told me there was a problem with one of your installs, and you couldn’t get on the dyno.

  25. Sharbel says:

    I was getting them to put in my O2 housing and downpipe in which they had lots of trouble getting in. I also had a greddy boost controller and throttle controller in which they are taking out. It was causing problems with my ecu. Sent it to lightspeed to get it tuned and everything fixed. I wouldn’t consider those installs to be screw ups or mistakes, but would consider them to be unnecessary installs that lightspeed recommended I take out. I will keep you guys posted.

  26. hacman says:

    Hahaha “unnecessary installs” that’s what your calling it. Now that I know it was your X in at lightspeed well I was there, All I can say is don’t touch your own stuff ever again.

    It’s funny how you call them “unnecessary installs” because those were not the terms of affection Cam was using for it.

    Oh and the reason they were having any problems at all(cause don’t make it slightly sound like cam doesn’t know his stuff) was because the quality of your “unnecessary installs” you botched them up plain and simple,(I heard mention of a welding torch needed to be brought out) as stated by someones word I would trust 10,000 times more then yours.

    Speaking of $10,000 does you 1000awhp for $10,00 comment take into account money spent to have installs taken out and redone when you cause problems lol.

    good luck with your build and the bill from lightspeed :)


  27. Carlos says:

    Lol @ hacman, you’re always good for a laugh.

    I can say Ive installed all my own parts, and Cam gave me a thumbs up on my install.

  28. Sharbel says:


  29. Talon_66 says:

    So I know this car has been dyno’ed. Where are the results?

    Did reality hurt when you saw that you were far off your 360awhp?

  30. Howie says:

    Hey hacman,
    Firstly, please learn to spell and to write a proper sentence before you post your next worthless comment. Secondly, your awesome lightspeed innovations insider information clearly failed you, since the Evo was in fact dyno’d there. So, quit being a fucking jackass. Also, you might cause this Cam character to lose some returning business if you publish his scathing remarks about his customers and their vehicles. Next time, maybe find something better to do instead of going to hang out at the garage (like reading a book, maybe). Don’t get discouraged by the big words.

  31. hacman says:

    Hi Howie, let me see where should I begin.

    My spelling??? are you by chance retarded??(it is ok you can admit it), there was all of maybe 3 commonly misspelled words throughout my whole last comment.

    Sentence structure??? are you kidding me?? This is being posted on a car blog, not for a literary examination. Not to mention how can you make any sort of fun of my sentence structure when you cannot even figure out what a paragraph is, or how to use them.

    Ok now back to the topic on hand for a second considering I wasted so much time on someone who is either:
    a. Below my pay grade and not worth my time
    b. Way below my education level(and IQ), also most likely just a 20 yr old douche.
    c. All of the above

    pssssttt!!! I am guessing all of the above lol(dammit I wasted more time on a retard), ok now about sharbel’s car.

    I was at lightspeed because I was having some things added to my car so I didn’t need insider information,only eyesight and some ears. His car had not been dyno’d by the time he said it had, so my comment was nothing but the truth. The truth of the matter is also this, his car was messed up do to self installs he needed someone to save it and some of use find that very funny after his video.

    Oh and as for the Cam comment. Please allow him to choose for himself what he may or may not like being posted. He is old enough to make big boy choices, I am sure he doesn’t need you to be some sort of a saving grace.

    and lastly to Mr. Howie, when you are ready to actually interject some “big words” into your vocabulary let me know. Until that point shut the fuck up, your wasting everyone’s time.


  32. Talon_66 says:


    The car was not on the dyno on the day in question.
    No one here is bashing Lightspeed Innovations, nor is anyone saying it was told to us by an employee at Lightspeed.

    The fact of the matter is there were customers at Lightspeed on the day in question.

    I am still waiting to see Sharbel’s results. Im sure with his bolt-ons he made decent power, but not anywhere close to what he was claiming in the video. Plan and simple, he over estimated his gains. People make mistakes.

    I have dealt with Cam and refer everyone I know to him. Cam is very respectful and does not bad mouth his customers. He maintains great professionalism.

    So I will repeat. Neither Cam or his employees were feeding Hacman information. I know on the day in question there was only 1 Evo on the Dyno and it was Silver.

    I know that Sharbel has since hit the dyno, since the problems with one of his installations. I am curious to see the results.

    Obviously Howie, you’re a friend of Sharbel’s. It’s great that you are sticking up for your friend. Just as I will stick up for Hacman.

  33. Sharbel says:

    Hey guys,

    This entire thing has obviously hit the fan and me and my friends didn’t mean to upset the entire car world haha. I over estimated hp gains because of all the hp gains I’ve seen on websites. I guess I just assumed. Lots of the websites that I bought the parts from all had hp gains when adding a certain part to the X. So I mistakenly just assumed that’s what my cars output woulda been. I didn’t mean to over estimate, I honestly just assumed it woulda been outputting that much power. I had an E46 M3 before and my stalk evo x was definately slower. As soon as the upgrades were put on the car, I felt a dramatic difference. So what am I to do but think that my car is a million horsepower more haha.

    I truly am sorry for all the drama that was caused. A lot of shit was wrong with my car. I can tell you guys now that all of the installs that I did myself on my car, Cam gave me a big thumbs up. The one install that was fucked up, was not by my doing, but by one of my close friends who will obviously never touch my car again after that. What happened was we were doing the install on the exhaust, test pipe, downpipe, and intercooler piping. We got everything done except for the downpipe. As I was installing the exhaust, my buddy was taking care of the downpipe and couldn’t get one of the bolts out. He got every other one out except for one. So then he all of a sudden just decided to stop taking the bolt out and ramming it back in. I had no idea he forced it in and cross threaded the bolt. So that was the big issue. They had to send that part out to get the bolts taken out, hence why my car didn’t hit the dyno that day.

    After gaining more knowledge about my car and being up to date with the actual numbers that my car is running, I’m really happy. Ya it’s not 360awhp but I made an honest mistake in just assuming and reading numbers posted on websites. My car is now running 310awhp with a retarded 356lb-ft of torque. I’m bringing it back in for another tune because I need to change my air intake and recirculate the blow-off valve into the intake. Apparently the agency power air intake is GARBAGE!!! DO NOT BUY!! After that is changed out and the blow-off valve is recirculated, we should be able to pump out another 10-20awhp. That intake is actually terrible. But that’s a whole other story.

    If you guys have anymore questions let me know. I appreciate the support Howie. And Talon, I appreciate your maturity on this entire situation. I made an honest mistake and it obviously won’t happen again.

    P.s. I will be giving Peter the dyno sheet to post once the 2nd tune is done. Thanks a lot guys.

  34. Talon_66 says:

    Your car is a torque beast like mine.

    Cam may have mentioned my car, I was the second car (evo X) he tuned. And since then he has made a lot of progress with ECUTek.

    Just remember manufacturers can inflat their numbers on the dyno, and also gains are never cumulative. Parts compliment each other, but never add.

    As shown the stock Evo Airbox is quite efficient and good to 450 or so horsepower, so you could always save money and switch back to that and put in a drop-in filter like Perrin, WORKS, K&N or HKS.

    I need to go back and re-tune my car.
    I put down 320awhp/360awtq @ 26psi on a conservative tune. That was without a o2 housing/dp, because of the conservative tune, I am still within safe AFR with this new part on and I can definitely feel noticeable power difference. And due to a few little tricks, Im able to hold my boost longer without such a harsh taper. I have confidence Cam can pull out quite a bit more power out.

    I might however be stepping away from the stock turbo, as I have a Prototype Turbo system, utilizing a Schweitzer 61mm Compressor. Basically the equivalent to a GT35R, but faster spool times.

    Do you have an intercooler yet?
    Personally I recommend the DTM unit. I have it, love it. Largest volume out of all the intercoolers, best CFM flow rate. And its only 3.5″ thick.

  35. Sharbel says:

    Hey guys,

    Just got the recirculation kit for my HKS BOV done and swapped out my air intake and put a Injen Intake in. Everything was working perfectly fine for about a week and now because it seems my car is running a lot better, now I seem to be getting an engine light on and my car sometimes just stops running, due to the ecu just shutting off. What I’m thinking is because I’m running more boost because of the ecutek flash and upgraded boost controller, now I am in need for a walbro 255lph fuel pump and injectors and even a new fuel rail perhaps from AMS or Agency power. Let me know what you think and if you think that may solve the problem. I honestly think it might. It was weird, when my fuel tank was full of gas, it was completely fine, it was just when the tank got lower then 3/4 and i was driving the car fast is where the problems arose and the engine light would come on. As soon as I took it to the gas station and got it filled up, the engine light went away.

  36. Talon_66 says:

    Definitely sounds like a fuel issue.
    Sounds to me like your car is kicking into limp mode, due to the Fuel pump not kicking into high voltage. It has 2 settings high and low voltage.
    If the relay doesn’t go to high voltage, then it will cause this problem, or one similar to what you’re describing.
    Our stock pump/injectors/fuel rail are more then sufficient for the power you are putting down.
    A friend of mine just picked up an Agency Power Fuel rail, and the inside of it is MASSIVE, you could honestly stick your thumb inside it.
    I would get the dealership to pull the code, and see what it is, Im leaning towards the relay.

  37. james says:

    This guy’s a knucklehead. More cooling = 400 whp? retard.

  38. james says:

    sounds like you’re getting tank slap from not having enough fuel in the tank. Old imprezas had this problem.

  39. james says:

    the turbo can handle 35psi?!!?

  40. Talon_66 says:

    So sharbel, whats the deal?
    You work at Castrol Raceway, yet you won’t accept the challenge of fellow Evo Owners to run the 1/4mile? What gives

  41. Sharbel says:

    Which evo owner has challenged me?? Regardless I’ve booked in with Cam to do my retune and don’t wanna run the car when it’s not running to it’s full potential. That’s besides the point. If the owner of the racetrack would let me run while I was working then it would be no problem but that’s not the case haha. Straight up, I would get in shit.

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  43. Talon_66 says:

    Hey Sharbel, how much does an Evo X motor cost? I hear you blew your motor up!

  44. to all the idiots says:

    commonsense guy you ar a tool shut up and noone cares you bunch of lowlife computer addicted faggots. seriously they made a video…. so what if its not up to your standards. why dont you buy a nice car and make a video yourself and we will see how that turns out. cause i bet you drive some shitty ford tempo. Get a fuckin life.

    And Sharbel thanks to your upgrades I can now enjoy the evo you used to own:P

  45. broad says:

    This is very nice car. My brother had one of the older version and we didn’t have any problems with its parts. One time we needed a new fuel pump assembly for the car, and we just got it through google (I linked it if ever you needed on). Anyways, I’ll be getting this new evo this year. :)

  46. sean says:

    I know the Gates Evo X makes about 800 whp, and tq, but the 2.2 stroker turbo kit from AMS is about $21,000 to purchase, so the $10,000 for 1000 hp is not realistic!!

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