Quickie Review: LeXcess 570 (Lexus LX570)

In this corner, weighing in at just under six thousand pounds and measuring a commanding five metres in length; the cruiser, the bruiser, the Lexus L-X fiiiiiive-seventy!


Such dimensions could nearly be used to describe a UFC fighter but instead describe Lexus’ most capable off-roader ever. And that’s about the same introduction that will be running through people’s minds when you arrive in this thing. Because you don’t just show up, you really do arrive. This is a vehicle to make a statement; much in the way a Hummer makes a statement. Not to discredit the LX570’s phenomenal off-road credentials, but people will really be buying this for the number of seats (8!), the toys inside, and the sheer audacity of it. When asked if they’d like to go chew up some mountain trails on the weekend, no one says “Count me in! I’ll bring my new Lex “. That’s actually what Jeep was invented for. Oh, and Hummer too. Only in the perverted minds of the Lexus marketing team would a customer actually say that.
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