This is the bar for success.

I. If you’re a parent of an infant, or about to be, the bar(s) looks like thisi :

niko's sleeping and eating patterns

II. If you think that using Latin in civilii discourse is “unnecessary,” “little more than the intellectual way to talk down to someone,” or “affected elitism,” it’s in fact what the bar looks like for individuals. That you’re nowhere near the bar is your problem : you, the earthworm.

mircea_popescu: For the record, using the original Latin phrases over their vernacular “just as good” later “equivalents” is not merely and not just talking down to some (the “intellectual” equivalent is nonsense, but let’s ignore it). They are the sign of a commitment, that is very much alligned with what viii is, and with why we have the bitcoind we have, and the foundation we have, and everything else. They are also the sign of a disavowal, the manifestation of how we despise the ruminants. No, no matter how “accepted” your vernacular gets, it will NEVER supersede Latin. because it’s not a “consumers have come to expect” thing. Nothing is. Votingiv doesn’t change the world.

III. If you want to know what success looks like outside of financial and cultural accomplishment, you’re clinically insane, or at least a raving narcissist who impossibly imagines that “personal happiness” is worth two shits in this world. Guess what, reality isn’t here to conform to your shrivelled excuse for an ego and its puerile delusions. That’s just not how this works.

Carpent tua pomes nepotes. Maybe, just maybe, in a dozen generations or so, your descendants could know such heights, but only if you work really hard in this life to provide your children and your children’s children with the best opportunities for adaption in this crazy world of ceaseless change, where one never walks into the same river twice.v Oh, you don’t want children because you want to live like people ~yourself~ ? Tough beans. Nobody asked you.

The bar for success is there whether you like it or not, whether it has enough “evidence” for you to “believe” it or not, whether it’s convenient for you or not, whether you choose to look at it or not, whether it’s only “what assholes do” or not, and whether you choose to reach for it or not.

It’s there.

___ ___ ___

  1. Yes, 7-8 hour, not 3-4 hours sleeps, and feedings of 15 minutes, not 60 minutes. On the regular. For a sub-two-month-old. Magic, you say ? Impossibru, you stammer ? Heh.

    Also, for the boys at home, if you think that your stay-at-home wife “does nothing all day” or that, if you’re yet childless, you’d love nothing more than to play beta while your wife man goes out into the world to hunt for wholewheat, you’ve no idea what you’re in for until you’ve fully digested this feeding/sleeping graph. And even then, you haven’t lived this week 100x, nor could you in all likelihood. Ya sexist.

  2. Civil, that is, in the Roman sense of the term. Y’know, like client, etc.
  3. Recall :

    The V-genesis patch is a most important milestone in the evolution of computer programming, from its troglodyte state prior to the involvement of The Most Serene Republic, towards its civilised state as you enjoy it today.

  4. A “voter” that dreams he’s represent-ed
    Imagining himself more progress-ed
    Pops his ticket in the box at the polls
    Just like any other one of the proles
    Expecting his power to be wielded
    And of course earthly needs to be heeded
    In his unthinking self-interest no less
    He acts like “the evil aristocrats.”
    Whom he decries as base and corrupted
    Because the franchise is the gift of gods
    “It’s what so many have died for” he nods
    Ignoring that life isn’t too high a price
    And that death will come to us all by right
    It’s not a matter of feelings or being nice
    Human culture is best measured in might
    In literature, art, and symphonies
    Theatre, science, and philosophies
    Those heights of human civilisation.

  5. You’ve not read Heraclitus ? And what’s stopping you exactly ?

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